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Originally from North Carolina, I might have still been a high school chemistry teacher had it not been for my husband and his love of agriculture that moved us to Napa Valley.  Although I no longer grade papers and use a bunsen burner, I have leveraged my fundamental education principles and creativity to create a career in marketing.

Thankfully, I have had quite the experience in Napa, which has granted me extensive knowledge of the wine industry. I spent a year working in a custom crush facility where I had the opportunity to learn all about winemaking. From there I gained a wealth of knowledge about this community with the Napa Valley Grapegrowers - learning about sustainable farming practices while getting to work alongside highly respectable industry leaders. I have also worked with WineCountry Media, a destination marketing organization, learning the ins and outs of google analytics and digital marketing strategy. And from there I worked with WineBid, an e-commerce site that appeals to a diverse luxury wine market creating a results driven social media strategy.

My focus is on projects that:

  • Give brands creative identity, direction, and voice

  • Develop content and digital media assets

  • Create game wining social media strategies to reach new audiences

  • Utilize my photographic skills and resources

For more information on the services offered, be sure to peek into my portfolio or contact me and let’s chat about your project needs.



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Collaboratively working with your team to create compelling imagery, stunning content, and seamless strategies that will fold into your established marketing goals.  This foundation will continue to drive brand success with your digital footprint. 



Creative Direction

Brand Identity and Strategy

Style Guides


Copy Writing

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Assets

Creative Strategy


Content Creation

Campaign Strategy

Target Audiences

Social Media Training


Professional Photos

Asset Library Development

Photography Direction and Branding Basics



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Peloton Imports Holiday Campaign

Instagram Creative Direction

Copy Writing

Bottle Shots

Content Creation





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