napa valley hot air balloon | from the pines to the vines

On this early morning, these passengers were so excited to embark on their morning's journey.  They hopped in their respected baskets, laughing and snapping photos.  Incredible views of an already beautiful valley were awaiting them.  It seemed peaceful as their voices trailed off and the flame roared to take them up. 

But the thought of getting in a hot air balloon is absolutely terrifying to me. Although beauty awaits, being high in the sky in a basket is definitely not a for this anxious soul. This new adventure is much like a hot air balloon ride - beautiful, exciting, and memorable.  And the journey is overwhelming, rewarding, and maybe even a little bumpy.  

My goal?  To share our little Napa Valley life with you, documenting the wine, people, and food surrounding us.  And maybe a tid bit or two on what I have learned while living here. This is the adventure of a southern girl living in the land of the vines.  

And away we go!

Sarah RiskComment