Recently, one of my friends shared this delightful viognier and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a few photos, because: 

Beautiful bottle - CHECK.  
Delicious wine - CHECK.  
Great company - CHECK CHECK. 

Aequorea is Latin for "of the sea" and represents the location of each of the vineyards where the fruit is sourced, all are within six miles of the Pacific Ocean. This viognier (which sadly for us, is now sold out) is grown off the central coast of California - an eclectic, laid back, approachable wine-growing region.  If you get the chance, definitely take a minute to visit Paso Robles + San Luis Obispo - where beaches and wine are only minutes away from one another.

tasting notes
fruity + tart
strong, beautiful acidity

drinking occasions
spicy grilled chicken
asian vermicelli
and well, just because

Here's to holding onto summer and drinking white wine as long as we can - cheers! 

Aequorea Viogner Bottle Shot-5.JPG

Next on my tasting list - Aequorea riesling.

WineSarah Risk