This might be one of my favorite times of the year - although, can you really pick a favorite vineyard view? 

2017 Veraison-16.JPG

Veraison is the period right before harvest, where the grapes are ripening and noticeable as the clusters change in color.  Of course, this is far more recognizable in red varietals as you see the bright green grapes turn to their destined purple hue.  It's a farmers version of Where's Waldo - everyone eagerly searches for the first hint of purple.  Each varietal will ripen at it's own pace, which will also vary by their location.  Veraison signals the time is near to pick, hence the excitement and then deep sighs knowing all the work that is just around the corner.  

At least it is an incredibly beautiful sight in wine country! 

to the vines | verasion 2017
2017 Veraison-19.JPG
2017 Veraison-7.JPG
to the vines | verasion 2017
Sarah Risk