When relationships fall apart
Divorce / Hardship / Violence

Fort WorthProtective Orders
Against Family Violence

Everyone has the right to feel safe. If you are in a relationship that is dangerous for you or your child, you have legal options available that safeguard you from future harm. A protective order can be put in place against an individual that binds them by law to stay away from you to prevent further injury.

Get Protection

A Fort Worth family attorney can request a temporary protective order for 14 days to get a dangerous husband, boyfriend, or partner to move out of your home. If the situation becomes more serious, a permanent protective order can be submitted as well.

Additional Protection

The protective order legal document will require the offender to stay a certain distance away from you at all times, including work and your child's school. It can also be written to keep him/her away from your relative's homes too if needed.

Stop Harassment

A protective order can also require the individual to stop all contact with you by phone, texting, or email, in order to prevent any potential harassment or endangerment. This is important and will give you the additional peace of mind you need.

Know that you have legal options a Fort Worth family attorney can use to protect you and your child. Whether you need a temporary order or something more permanent, talk to a lawyer today. Your safety and security may be at stake.